18th for Christina Siggaard, Van der Breggen wins Ronde van Vlaanderen

Team VIRTU Cycling tried to get ahead of the race in Ronde van Vlaanderen, but a crash set the team back. Christina Siggaard still fought her way to18th place i the chasing group.

Ronde van Vlaanderen offered just as must drama as you would expect from one of the biggest races of the season. Team VIRTU Cycling was going strong in the beginning and Sara Penton made on of the early breakaways.

Before the many climbs and cobbled section the race was however brought back together. A huge crash before Geraardsbergen turned things upside down, when both Mieke Kröger and Kasia Pawlowska went down just as the race exploded in the front.

“We took a big hit in the crash with Kasia – everyone is okay, but that really made the race hard for us. The girls rallyed afterwards and we hanged our focus to help Christina into the climbs. The girls did a really good job to support her in the front and made sure she was sitting in the right position,” sports director Carmen Small says.

“The team did a great job helping each other and they really worked together as a unit. The results don’t quite show it today, but we have the right recipe here and with a little more luck we are there,” she says.

Christina Siggaard made it to the front group and she fought all the way across the decisive climbs to the finish in one of the chasing groups finishing 18th.

“I am happy with how we did the race, but I’m not satisfied with the result, as I feel we could have done better. We ran out of people after Mieke and Kasia crashed hard before Geraardsbergen. I get a lot of help in Kanarieberg, but I have to help myself on the last climbs. I can do a lot by myself, but the biggest teams are still there with a lot of riders, and it gets tough in the end,” Christina Siggaard says. But she believes that there is more good results on the way.

“If we keep riding together as a team like today, then we for sure will get some results,” she says.

Anne van der Breggen took the victory after a long solo break.