5th place for Emilie Moberg in stage 1 of Santos Women’s Tour Down Under

Team VIRTU Cycling managed to grab its first top 5 when Emilie Moberg fought for victory in sprint the season’s first race in Australia.

Emilie Moberg was sprinting for victory in stage 1 of Santos Women’s Tour Down Under, but she had to settle with 5th place as Anette Edmondson took the victory in the final meters.

On stage 1, the riders had to do 115 kilometers on two laps with start and finish in Gumeracha. The route had some smaller but steep climbs, but right from the start it was pretty clear that the stage would end in a mass sprint.

A solo rider managed to get the biggest lead of the stage with a gap of one and a half minute within the last half of the race, but it was a tough fight and in the peloton there was consensus to bring it all together before the finish. Team VIRTU Cycling succeeded in getting well positioned for the last kilometer, and Emilie Moberg was set up for the sprint.

The Norwegian profile showed that she come strong through the winter when she finished 5th after Anette Edmondson, who both took the stage victory and overall lead. Barbara Guarischi also managed to get in the top 10 when she finished in 9th place.

“It’s a good start,” sports director of Team VIRTU Cycling, Carmen Small, says.

“The break got a 1 minute 30 lead and some teams started to chase. A lot of teams wanted a sprint, so I wasn’t too concerned about one rider in front alone. But I think they did a really good job and worked well together in creating a good lead out, so it was definitely a good start. It was the first time they were working together as a team and I think they showed some good comradery and unity today,” she says.

In the overall classification, Emilie Moberg is also Team VIRTU Cycling’s best placed rider in 5th place before stage 2, where the riders will ride 102 kilometers with a tougher finish, as a winner must be found on top of Mengler’s Hill.