Alexander Kamp: “This was the most important win for my future”


There are a lot of great results on the palmarés of Alexander Kamp. But the victory on the fifth stage of Tour of Norway was according to Kamp one of the biggest and probably the most important.

“I am very happy for this victory. We do not have many races in the HC-category, and it is important for me to show that I can win at this level as well. And there is no doubt that for my future, this victory is the most important of my career,” says Alexander Kamp, who is doing his second season on Team VIRTU Cycling.

“I am currently trying to reach another level, and in doing so this victory can not be overestimated. This victory was so important for me”, says Kamp.

Besides the stage victory Alexander Kamp also finished second in the overall classification in Tour of Norway. He was just three seconds behind the overall winner, Eduard Prades, who came in second on the last stage.

“It would have been nice to win, but generally I am more happy for the stage victory than for missing out on the top spot on the podium. Eduard Prades is class rider, and I could not have dropped him today. So I am just happy for the stage victory, and the overall second place is more like a bonus for me. It was all about the stage victory,” says Kamp, who acknowledged the help from his teammates.

“We have a great team spirit at the moment, and recently we have done extremely well. We work as an unit, if we do otherwise it is extremely difficult to get results in races as Tour of Norway. Because racing with pro-teams, means that we need to race as a professional team. We have done that this week, and helping each other no matter what makes all the difference,” says Kamp.

“ We are all on one year contracts, so everyone on the team knows that they have to make them selves noticed. And I am sure that we all will get the chances to do so,” says Kamp, who also won Sundvolden GP and became second in Ringerike GP in the beginning of May.

Kamp’s excellent results in May is contrary to his results previously this year.

“Back in Marts I sat with Skelde to create new goals in this part of the season. I was very unlucky in the early spring, I crashed a few times. Then I started working with the coach André Steensen, and with him I got a new plan for the spring. I went on a high altitude training camp in Sierra Nevada, which was not very exciting, but the aim was to be in the shape I am in now, and it motivated me to do it in a new way. And since the training camp, everything has been going excellent and the results are now just lining up,” says Kamp.

Next up for Kamp and Team VIRTU Cycling is Tour de Fjords, which starts on Tuesday.