Barbara Guarischi – “Bjarne is a champion”

Team VIRTU Cycling Women’s Barbara Guarischi is 28 year´s old and was born in Ponte San Pietro in the province of Bergamo, Lombardy in the beautiful Northern Italy. She is fast in small groups approaching the finish line and has a stinging attack on the smaller climbs, which are both suitable qualifications for the upcoming classics. 

What were your first impressions of this year´s Team VIRTU Cycling Women?

“The first impressions are really good. The girls are happy and you can see the smile on their faces and this is one of the important parts of our job because cycling is demanding enough as it is. Secondly but not less important, everyone asks why we do the specific training methods and not some other efforts, which strongly indicates commitment and curiosity and you can see that they want know and develop. This will make a difference in the races.”

What was the best part of the early season?

“Spending time with Bjarne during our training camp. There’s a big difference between being a rider and being a champion. He is a champion. When he is talking, you are so focused and so interested that a bomb can explode next to you and you won´t react. The road training that we did every day was quite hard but it inspiring and necessary in order to develop and maintain focus. Everything you do in the early part of the season will reward you later in the season – for better and for worse. I´ve learned that core and coordination are way more important than I used to think. Working hard and challenging your limits in everyday training is obviously developing you as an athlete but it takes focus and discipline to maintain that goal”.

What are your goals for the season?

“My main goals are the Spring Classics. I’m hoping for a big result for the team and we have the line-up to fulfil our goals. This winter, I worked hard every single day, probably harder than ever, trying to bring back the power I lost in last couple of years. I´m ready mentally and physically and I´m grateful that my coach and Team VIRTU have given me this possibility.”

How do you prepare for the race in the few hours before the start?

“I’m so organized, so everything is ready the evening before. When it´s time to go, I just pick my bag and go. Before a race I just put on my clothes, small talk with the team, listening to music, filling my pockets with race food and check if everything is working on the bike and go to the start.” 

What are your interests besides the sport?

“I like going out with friends for dinner or in summer going on boat trips with them. I love wine, red good wine and a good food. I don’t like traveling a whole lot. I’m a bit lazy when I´m off the bike but when I travel I always enjoy walking through old, small villages with stone house and I love cooking. Besides cycling, I love short track.”

How would you spend time if you weren’t a professional rider?

“I love going to the gym, so one day I would like be a personal trainer or work with some team of any sport. Not necessarily cycling, I just love working out, core stability and working up sweats.”