Get to know – Louise Norman Hansen

If the name, Norman Hansen rings a bell, you have most likely followed our team for the last year or maybe you watched the Olympic Games in 2012. Louise´s brother, Lasse Norman Hansen won a gold medal in London for his Omnium performance on the track that year. 23-year-old Louise Norman Hansen could be a coming time trial specialist as well and she conquered a bronze medal at the 2017 national TT championships when she was just 22 year old. We had a talk with her about her start of the season and her ambitions this year.

What are your first impressions of VIRTU Cycling Women 2018?

 ”My impression of the girls at the camp was really positive. I was in Australia in January where I already felt that we matched and had a good chemistry. It was later confirmed with the rest of the girls during the training camp in Nice. It seems that everyone has found their place on the team, everyone is talking to everyone and the harmony in intact despite differences and different nationalities. There are many experienced girls on the team who I can learn a lot from. I am really looking forward to riding with the girls and see what we can achieve together.”

What was the best part of the camp?

 “The best part of the camp was to meet all the girls and staff. In general, it has been a very good and educational camp with good training sessions, good talks and, not least, good company”.

 What did you think about the training?

 “I thought it was good and fun. A few hard days, but that´s the whole idea of a training camp. I think it’s good to be pushed a little in a group to find out how the group works together. Having Bjarne on the sideline has also been educational. Bjarne plays a big role for the team. I truly feel that he really wants to give something back to the sport and make us better cyclists. He believes in us. It is motivating”.

 What are your goals for the season?

 “My overall goal for the season is to lift my level and become a more complete rider. I need to improve my time trial, improve my road race skills and not least draw a lot of experience. I believe that I, in this team have every opportunity to reach my goals”.

 What type of rider are you?

 “My force as a rider is in the race against the clock. During camp, Bjarne pointed out that I have a solid sprinter technique but I don´t consider myself as a sprinter. In addition, I will do everything to support the team.” 

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

 “To get a lot of cool experiences with the team, bring it!”

 How do you prepare for the race within a few hours before starting?

 “I have no fixed rituals and I´m not superstitious in that way. However, a large bowl of oatmeal, coffee and music is usually a part of the preparations”.

 Who do you think will dominate the upcoming races?

 “We will, of course. But I think there are many good teams out there but I have a good feeling that we can get in the mix in a lot of different races.. We have many skilled, strong and experienced girls on the team”.

 What are your interests besides the sport?

 “There is no doubt that the bike takes a lot of space in my life but there is room for other things. I love being out in nature. I’m also quite fond of animals – especially dogs, cats and horses. Besides, I spend a lot of time with my family, which has a big place in my heart.I have an incredibly supportive family, which I greatly appreciate.”

 How would you spend time if you were not a professional rider?

 “That is a difficult question. I find it hard to imagine my life without my bike but I think I would study something exciting at the university”.