Get to know – Trine Schmidt

Team VIRTU Cycling Women´s 29-year-old Trine Schmidt was out of the sport for 5 years but regained her passion and returned to professional cycling. Last year, she conquered two gold medals at the European Championships on the track and tonight she takes part in the Madison event at the World Championships in Holland with her cycling partner, Amalie Dideriksen. We had a talk with her about her hopes and expectations for the 2018 season.

What is your first impression of VIRTU Cycling Women this year?

“From the first day there was a good chemistry between the girls, which is very important. We are a group that seems to function very well together – and that’s something I hope and believe we can take with us in to the races. We have different qualities on the bike and some are experienced and others are less experienced – and everyone has the potential to improve something that, in my eyes, has already started well”.

What did you think about the training during training camp?

“Clearly, the program was carefully planned from home. The routes and daily programs were in perfect symbiosis, which is cool. There is nothing worse than training in a group if there is no plan for the day. In addition, the area around Nice was fantastic, which is something every cyclist appreciates. In my view, the beautiful backdrop is a very important part of cycling and something you should always appreciate”.

What role does Bjarne play for you on the team?

“Bjarne is a person who is known by everyone, so it’s especially unique to be taken under his eagle wings. I have to admit that I am very pleasantly surprised at his commitment and enthusiasm at Virtu Women – it was clear that he took a special interest in the riders and he committed himself a great deal. It’s really inspiring to have him around. Having said that, it’s primarily my DS, Carmen Small, who I have the daily contact with. Bjarne clearly creates a focus that had not been there without him. It’s good for the sport that he engages himself at this level in women´s sport”.

What are your goals for the season?

“My best opportunities for personal success are definitely on the track – so I hope for a good result at the upcoming World Cup in Holland and later at the European Championships. On the road, I hope to make a difference in the smaller races but overall it’s about supporting and helping my teammates to achieve success for the team. After five years break, I’m completely aware that I’m still a little bit behind everyone. My hope is that in the coming season I can add another step in my development. Last season was my first season at this level since 2011 – and I’m actually quite pleased to be involved again – I would not have thought that this was possible if you asked me a year ago”.

What kind of rider are you?

“I’m a diesel engine that needs some time to get started. On the other hand, I can get going for a long time and I’m doing well when I get started. I imagine I’m good on TT but in order to defend that claim, I’ll soon have to show it on the road again. Last year’s nationals was a disappointment for me but I hope to find the right pace again in 2018. “

What are you looking forward to the most this season?

“Hopefully achieving some of my own and the team´s ambitions for 2018. Personally, I’m excited if I show myself worthy as a part of Virtu’s team at the TTT World Cup. I am looking forward to challenging that discipline especially. Besides, the Olympic Games qualifications for Tokyo 2020 kick off, which is very important and exciting for the Danish national ambitions”.

How do you prepare for the race within a few hours before starting?

“I make sure, I’m fully recovered and I eat a large amount of oatmeal 3-4 hours before the start. With experience I’ve become less nervous, so primarily I try to relax and read some good books to occupy my mind. Within an hour before start, I get ready, participate in the tactical meeting and focus on the race so I can perform at top level”.

Who do you think will dominate the upcoming races?

“There are definitely some big teams with some great favourites. Boels Dolmans, Michelton-Scott, Sunweb, Wiggle and Waowdeals are all teams with many great names. On the other hand, there are also many teams that I think can challenge these – including VIRTU, Cylance and Cervelo Bigla”.

What are your interests besides the sport?

“I love to bake. Love good food and love red wine. Unfortunately, my choice of sport limits that part of pleasure of life. Otherwise, I’m going to travel and experience new things. Love to be with my boyfriend but I also love to be in my own comfortable company. In short – I love to live”.

Do you have family?

“In 2013 I met my boyfriend who arranged bicycle trips. He lured me in as a guide in 2014, and I greatly appreciated riding again. He showed me that cycling is also much more than competition”.

How would you spend time if you were not a professional rider?

“I have SO many good ideas. I am a trained physical therapist, so the chance that I would work with that is relatively big. Having said that, I dream about being able to hold a position inside the sport that does not necessarily have to deal with professional cycling. I have become aware of being pro active in relations to my career so I hope my cycling career can be a door opener for me. I love working, helping and inspiring and I enjoy working with people and the environment that I’m in. In addition, I sometimes dream about running a bike cafe if I only had the starting capital to do so”.

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