Linda Villumsen focusing on Commonwealth Games

Linda Villumsen doesn’t need much introduction if you have followed international top cycling in the past 10 years. Multiple national TT and road championships, World TT championships and several stage race wins are on her resume, which is longer than most cyclists dream about achieving. Being one of the most experienced and strongest all-round riders in the peloton, we made this brief Q&A with her.

What are your goals for the season?

“First of all to prepare for the Commonwealth Games over the next month and a bit. My first goal was to get a good start to the season with the races down under and with a more or less new team. We have so many new riders for the season and I am sure we will also just keep improving as the season progresses”.

What kind of rider do you consider yourself?

“I would like to say I´m a bit of an all rounder but a rider especially good for the TT.”

What do you look forward to the most this season?

“It is hard for me to mention just one thing or one race. I look forward getting to race with everyone again and hopefully achieve my own goals as well as help my team members achieve theirs”.

How do you prepare for the race in the few hours before the start?

“That very much depends on the type of race, road race or TT. I like to do a pre-race effort just to get the body moving and the blood pumping. I normally eat a few hours before the race and then a short ride just prior to the race start to check everything in case of last min adjustments are needed. We have a great team around us and all we really need to think about is riding the bike. Our DS will do the tactics, our mechanics will make sure the equipment is running smoothly and our team of soigneurs will make sure we have food, water or energy mixes ready before, during and after the race”.

Who do you think will dominate the coming races?

“Of course I’m hoping Team VIRTU will animate the races and race aggressively and positively. It is hard to say who will do well though. I am guessing the riders that like the type of races “Spring Classics” – small roads, fight for positioning and cold weather.  Last year Christina (Siggaard) did really well in the early season and I hope we will see much more of her this year. We have a couple of other strong riders and good finishers on the team and it will be so exciting to see what they can do in the upcoming races”.

What are your interests/hobbies/passions besides the sport?

“I don’t really have many talents, I like sport in general, and like to do a bit of trail running/walking when time allows. Another thing I do like is learning, anything from languages to history I generally set myself a goal each year that has nothing to do with sport and everything to do with knowledge”.