Rachel Neylan signs deal with VIRTU Cycling Women

Team VIRTU Cycling Women and 36 year-old Australian Rachel Neylan have signed a contract for 2019. Neylan finished second in the 2012 road race World Championships and wore the Movistar-jersey in 2018. 

Team VIRTU Cycling Women DS, Carmen Small states:

 ”Rachel has had a very successful past up into this point in her career and we really want to help find her way back into the top ranks of the World Tour.  With the right preparation and support, I believe that Rachel can keep improving on the bike and do even more than before.  She brings experience to the team and can help the other climbers, whether that is in a support role or her taking the reins herself.  This year, we have tried to strengthen the team in the more climbing race and Rachel will be a crucial part of this next step towards success”.

Rachel Neylan says:

“I’m really thrilled to join VIRTU Cycling Women for 2019! I am excited about bringing my experience and enthusiasm to compliment a strong team of women next year. VIRTU is a team I have watched over the past two years growing with sustainability and cohesiveness, while thriving on passion and ambition – something I strongly admire in an organisation and am very driven to be part of. I’m looking forward to taking an next step in my career with a wonderful hard working and innovative team of people in pro cycling!”