Rachel Neylan takes solo victory in Gracia Orlová!

Rachel Neylan takes solo victory in Gracia Orlová!

Team Virtu Cycling takes the third win in a row as Australian Rachel Neylan powers to a solo victory in the Czech stage race Gracia Orlová! After a strong team effort, Marta Bastianelli came in 2nd and it was hard for DS Carmen Small not to be satisfied with her team:

“It was a perfect race situation having Rachel solo for the win and then Marta taking the field sprint. The team worked hard to get away and it was not easy in the first laps, but I was happy to finally see one of our riders go free of the peloton. “

The win was the first this year for Rachel Neylan, who proved how strong determination pays off. With Rachel’s strong performance, the team is heading into the final stages in a good position for the general classement:

“The field chased, and I encouraged Rachel to keep going 100% so we can also have her up in GC if she got enough time.It’s good to have more options for tomorrow’s stage. The team did an excellent job and stayed always in control,“ explains Carmen Small after the race and continues:

“They helped lead Marta out in the final and I was super happy to see such a good team effort on such a long day.”

The team went into the race to focus on team work and development of the riders. With now three stage wins with three different riders, the team gets the whole squad in play and shows a great diversity of strengths. Carmen Small sees an opportunity to take the achievements from this race with them in the bigger races later on:

“I knew going into this tour it was a good race to keep developing the team. It gives some of the riders opportunities to win but also teaches some of them how to ride more as a team. To practice things that sometimes they cannot do in the WorldTour races.”

Tomorrow there’s a 100 km stage on the menu. The race ends on Sunday.