Siggaard looks back on 2018

Christina Siggaard was on everyone’s lips in the world of cycling when she sprinted across the finish line ahead of everyone in the Belgian spring classic Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on March 2nd this year. Beforehand, she and the rest of the World Tour field had completed the slopes and the cobblestone sections sprinkled over 120 kilometers in the early spring weather.

The 24-year-old Dane tells us about the season that has passed.

“The highlight of 2018 is clearly the win, already in the opening race, in Omloop het Nieuwsblad. It has been high up on my own list of dreams of goals for the future to win a race like that. However, my expectations were not a victory, but I had the dream that all the hard work would pay off during the season. My biggest experience this year is also the amazing feeling being on top of the podium after such a prestigious race. It was strange suddenly to have a win like that in my pocket, which suddenly put my name, in the professional field, in a new perspective”. 

As a professional athlete, the way from the feeling of supremacy to defeat is short. Siggaard also experienced disappointment by the end of 2018 when, due to an injury, she had to cancel her participation in the World Championships.

 “The biggest disappointment this year was to let down the girls in our common big goal for the whole team, the team time trial World Championships. It hurt and still hurts to have made such a hard decision. But in the end, one’s own health and future career must be the first priority, so that was the right decision. “

After a long season, the off-season can often be experienced as a welcome opportunity to highlight alternative interests in life: 

“I try to do what I can not do in the season. Hanging with my close friends and acquaintances. Traveling without the bike. Dusting off some dance floor moves and enjoy being able to train other than just cycling. Just after the end of the season, the situation was slightly different due to my back injury, but I still tried to enjoy the time without the bike, even though it was taken away from me this year”. 

As a professional cyclist, you can not take the whole winter off. This is the time for the build-up before the coming season. But how do you train outside the season?

 “My training is taking place on the bike and in the core and fitness training room during the winter. In addition, I usually spend some time in the sun in the south with extra an amount of kilometres on the bike, so I can have a few less hours at home in the Danish winter. Besides being a professional athlete, I’m studying and the books also get a bit more attention in the winter compared to the season. “