Sneak peak: Team VIRTU Cycling’s Sportful-clothes

In 2018 The VIRTU Cycling rides in clothing from the Italian manufacturer Sportful, which also sponsors several teams at the highest level of the sport. The VIRTU Cycling is in fact the only non-World Tour team in the world, sponsored by Sportful.

The regular jersey for which the team is set to ride in is from Sportful’s Bodyfit-series, which is also being used by Bora-Hansgrohe and Bahrain-Meira in 2018. This series represents some of the best values available on the aerodynamics market and was created when Bjarne Riis and Sportful worked together to develop the fastest and most functional clothing for elite cycling. The speed suite, which was a project that had Alberto Contador in focus, alone costed 3 million to develop.

Team VIRTU Cycling is also going to use products from Sportful’s Fiandre-series. The products are created with an eye for rain and cold, and they have been developed to support both Peter Sagan and Alberto Contador’s spring campaigns. The Finandre-series is absolutely top class when the demands are water- and wind resistance, aerodynamics and breathability.

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