Team VIRTU Cycling expects a tough race in France

Team VIRTU Cycling expects a tough race in France

This Friday, Team VIRTU Cycling will be racing La Course by Le Tour de France. The 121 km long race is very hilly, and DS Carmen Small is expecting a very hard race.

This Friday, Team VIRTU Cycling will race La Course by Le Tour de France in and around the area of Pau. It’s the 6th edition of La Course by Le Tour de France, and it’s a part of the UCI Women’s World Tour. After two consecutive wins Annemiek Van Vleuten (Michelton-Scott), can defend her title today and must be considered the major favourite for the victory.

The WWT teams will be racing a 24,2 km long course, which they’ll race 5 times. The peloton is facing Côte de Gelos four times. The mountain is 1,1 km long with an average increase of 7,8%.

DS Carmen Small believes the race will be very tough: “I’m not sure what will happen. It’s always unpredictable, when it’s on a new course. I suspect it will be a very hard race of attrition. The key is to keep surviving the selections and if the girls can do that then they will have a good race”.

Team VIRTU Cycling’s young rider, Sofia Bertizzolo, points out that the course is rather technical: “It will be a super-fast race. It will be all about focus and right positioning, because the first half of the route is very technical”.

Katrine Aalerud was affected by bruised ribs in the Giro but should be fully recovered for the race: “I feel ready for this Friday. I’m looking forward to the race, since it’s going to be a hard race. There’s a lot of ups and downs throughout the race, but I think the harder the race, the better for the team”.

Team VIRTU Cycling is represented by Sofia Bertizzolo, Katrine Aalerud, Birgitte Krogsgaard, Rachel Neylan and Anouska Koster.