Team VIRTU Cycling heads for the first edition of Driesdaagse de Panne-Koksijde

Driesdaagse de Panne-Koksijde makes its first appearance in the Women’s World Tour, and Team VIRTU Cycling hopes to add another good result to the Belgian campaign.

Team VIRTU Cycling returns to the Belgian roads Thursday, when the heads for the first edition of the new Women’s World Tour race Driesdaagse de Panne-Koksijde. With 151 kilometer, plenty of cobbles, small roads, steep climb and wind the race offers some tough racing from the start in Brugge till the finish in De Panne.

Even though having the same characteristics as other Belgian spring classic, being a new race Driesdaagse de Panne-Koksijde will be difficult to predict.

“It’s hard to go into a new race, because You don’t know how teams will race it. Normally you look at the history and get an idea of how the race will end, but doing a race for the first time, you don’t know what will happen. You can look at the men’s race, but we normally race so much different. It’s hard to say how the race will unfold, but we will try to keep to our plan,” sports director at Team VIRTU Cycling Carmen Small says.

Team VIRTU Cycling brings a strong squad to the race and maintains the focus on riding as a team, which hopefully can prevent the team from getting caught behind crashes.

“We are taking a strong group to the race. But we still need to keep riding as a group, and as I also told the girls after Drenthe, sometimes bike racing happens and certain things as crashes you can’t control, but as long as they are riding in the front they are safer, and then you are there at the key points and making the key selections. I think if we keep doing that, we will end up with a good result. Fortunately we have many cards to play, all of them can go in the break or do a sprint, so it depends on who feels best on the day and we will take it from there,” Carmen Small says.

Driesdaagse de Panne-Koksijde is the 4th event on the Women’s World Tour.

Team VIRTU Cycling for Driesdaagse de Panne-Koksijde:
Mieke Kröger, Sara Penton, Christina Siggaard, Kasia Pawlowska, Emilie Moberg and Barbara Guarischi