Team Virtu Cycling is motivated to race in Basque Country

Team Virtu Cycling participates in the 12thdivision of the UCI Women’s WorldTour, when they’re on the startline for Emukameen XXXII.Bira tomorrow. The team hope to get Sofia Bertizzolo back in the running for the young rider’s jersey.

After a short race break, Team Virtu Cycling begins Emakumeen XXXII.Bira tomorrow. The stage race is the next division of the UCI Women’s WorldTour. The race consists of 4 stages, with a total distance of 465 km and more than 5500 meters of height.

DS Carmen Small is looking forward to the race: “We hope to have some good results with the team. Katrine, Rachel and Sofia will be a good group for the climbs to support one another. They will look for both stage wins and a good GC finish. We hope to get Sofia back into the running for the young rider jersey. Bira is a nice race and we hope for some good teamwork”.

Sofia Bertizzolo says: “This is my first time racing Bira, so I don’t have any experience of the roads. I will start helping my teammates, Katrine in particular. She can perform very well in this race. For myself, I have to see day by day how my form is”.

Tomorrow’s first stage is a 101 km rather flat stage, and all stages will be livestreamed at

Team Virtu Cycling lines up with Emilie Moberg, Katrine Aalerud, Sara Penton, Rachel Neylan and Sofia Bertizzolo.