Team VIRTU Cycling ranked as Europe’s best continental team

At the beginning of 2018, Team VIRTU Cycling ranks as the best continental team on the Europa Tour-ranking, proving that the team is moving in the right direction, while it also gives some advantages.

Team VIRTU Cycling is currently ranking as the best continental team in Europe. On UCI’s latest Europa Tour-ranking, the team is in 14th only outranked by Pro Continental teams.

The ranking as Europe’s best continental team is welcomed by sports director Michael Skelde, as it proves that the team is developing in the right direction.

“It is of course amazing, and it puts some great expectations on us as a team this year. To me, it is an sign that we started on a journey where we have taken a step up, and now we currently have Europe’s best continental team,” Michael Skelde says.

The rankings are calculated by combining the team’s eight best rider’s points, and even though profiles like Michael Carbel and Niklas Eg have move up to professional teams, the adding of riders such as Audun Brekke Fløtten, Torkil Veyhe and Asbjørn Kragh Andersen has helped hold Team VIRTU Cycling maintan a position high up in the ranking.

“Of course, we also have Rasmus Guldhammer, who I think was the world’s best continental rider last year, but it also shows that we’ve an even better depth in the squad than we had before. We have many riders who have already been successful, and I believe, they can achieve even more success this season,” Michael Skelde says.

That Team VIRTU Cycling is the best continental team in the first Europa Tour-ranking of 2018 also gives some advantages throughout the season as the three best teams automatically can participate in all UCI 2.2 and UCI 1.2 races.

“Much of our race program are already in place so it’s not going to change a lot, but it’s always cool to have it. It is also a recognition that we have a strong team and that is always exciting, because then we have to create the races ourselves. It places great demands on both sports directors and riders to be aware of their responsibilities as we aim to be a force in the races,” Michael Skelde says.

Team VIRTU Cycling holds the position as the best continental team in the Europe Tour-ranking for at least the coming week, as the season’s first European races will start in Spain in the coming weekend.

Team VIRTU Cycling in 2018:

Andreas Hyldgaard Jeppesen, Alexander Kamp, Asbjørn Kragh Andersen, Audun Brekke Fløtten, Jakob Egholm, Jesper Schultz, Johan Tiedemann Langballe, Kasper Asgreen, Mathias Krigbaum, Mikkel Frölich Honoré, Niklas Larsen, Rasmus Guldhammer and Torkil Veyhe.

UCI’s rankings can be found here: