Team VIRTU Cycling starts the season in the Italian one-day classic Trofeo Laigueglia

The season is set to start Sunday, where Team VIRTU Cycling goes to Italy and starts with the hard one-day race Trofeo Laigueglia, where the team faces multiple professional teams.

After a long off-season of almost five months, Team VIRTU Cycling returns to the road on Sunday. The team starts its 2018 season in the Italian one-day classic Trofeo Laigueglia, where a very hard 203.7-kilometer-long race awaits the seven Team VIRTU Cycling riders.

Trofeo Laigueglia is a 1.HC category-race, which means that the peloton consists of World Tour teams and many strong Pro Continental teams. It also makes it a very difficult race.

“Our expectations are not that big yet. I look forward to getting going and getting the season started, and then we have to see where we stand. It’s our first race, and it makes things a bit more hectic, but we go out and give it our all. We must take it one step at a time,” sports director at Team VIRTU Cycling, Michael Skelde, says.

The team therefore goes into Trofeo Laigueglia with an opportunistic attitude and in a role as ‘underdog’ and with no pressure on the riders.

“It will be a tough race with a hard finish. There is a 2 km climb of almost 180 vertical meters, that we ride four times in the finishing circuit in a 200 km long race. It might be just too much for our riders compared to our competitors, but I think we’ll do fine and we’ll see how it goes,” Michael Skelde says.

For Team VIRTU Cycling’s Alexander Kamp it will be the first race of the season, and even though the winter has offered a lot of good training, the legs will have to get some race speed back in Trofeo Laigueglia.

“You have to have the legs to compete in this race, personally, I hope to be there in the final, but now we have to see how far we can take it. It’s a HC race so the level is high, it’s our first start so you must also be realistic. A top 10 will be good and everything better than that will be a bonus,” Alexander Kamp says.

For Trofeo Laigueglia he is joined by several new teammates, and after a long winter he is looking forward to getting started again.

“You are always looking forward to the season, you are like racing horse stamping the dirt before the start – I’m ready. It’s great to get the season started, that’s what you’ve been training for in the winter months. You are also a bit unsure of where you stand because it’s only in the peloton that you actually know your level. It will be exciting,” Alexander Kamp says.

Team VIRTU Cycling for Trofeo Laigueglia Sunday, February 11th:

Kasper Asgreen, Audun Brekke Fløtten, Mikkel Honoré Frølich, Alexander Kamp, Asbjørn Kragh Andersen, Jesper Schultz and Torkil Veyhe.