Team VIRTU Cycling will seek out chances in Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race

The one-day-race Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race will be another test for Team VIRTU Cycling in Australia and on a challenging route the team will seek the opportunities.

After a good training block after Santos Women’s Tour Down Under, Team VIRTU Cycling is once again ready at the start line in Australia. Saturday the team is set to start at Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, where 114 kilometers awaits them in a very varied terrain.

The route takes the riders out along the ocean near Geelong, before heading back to the city across several hard climbs. However, the finish is quite flat, and the race could end out in multiple ways.

Team VIRTU Cycling will therefore seek out the opportunities that emerge across the 114 kilometers.

“Anything can happen, it’s still early season. The Australians are on form obviously, but I think we have a few cards to play. We have to risk it a bit more if we want something to happen, we can’t just be calm and ride around in the pack. To look for the opportunity is the best possibility for us,” sports director Carmen Small says.

The team has spent the last week training and adjusting to the summer hear of Australia, but in Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race, it is still most important that the riders learn to race together.

“Just to focus on the basis is best for us. It is still some kind of training for us as we are still getting used to each other and that is still our biggest priority – to race as a team. The girls have been better and better every day in the heat. It’s supposed to be a little cooler in Geelong than in Adelaide, so it should help the girls a lot,” Carmen Small says.

Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race is raced in the night between Friday and Saturday European time.

Team VIRTU Cycling for Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race:

Trine Schmidt, Katarzyna Pawlowska, Emilie Moberg, Linda Villumsen, Louise Norman Hansen and Barbara Guarischi.