Trine Schmidt evaluates her 2018 season

Team VIRTU Cycling’s Trine Schmidt is now on vacation after a long season and there is not much relaxation waiting for the 30-year-old former European track Champion. She has allowed herself one week’s holiday, where she comments World Championship Cycling on Danish television before taking on the preparation for the next season. We bring here an interview with Trine Schmidt about the season that has passed.

What are you doing in your off-season?

“My off-season is very short, as I actually only have a week before I start preparing for the winter track activities. This year, the week will be spent commenting the World Championship in road cycling where I’m on Danish TV2 as an expert when the women are in action. Otherwise, I just wake up and do exactly what I want. I’ve recently decided to learn Italian as it’s a language I really like. You have so much extra time as a cyclist, where you sit in a hotel room and instead of studying Facebook, you could do some gymnastics for the brain instead. Through Skype lessons and motivation I’ve declared war on the Italian verbs. I kickstart my winter training next week with a ” cycling holiday “to Italy, where I together with 17 sweet, special selected acquaintances have arranged six stages from Naples to Sicily with finish on the Etna volcano. It is about food, good wine and social relations. Although I can not go crazy on the red wine, I enjoy a trip like this BIGTIME. Cycling is more than just training and training – it’s also cosiness, networking and social relations. I am looking forward to rolling through Italy for a long time, as a fun start to my winter. It’s gonna be great! “

Did you meet your own expectations in 2018?

“No. I do not want to say that my season has been bad. I have played my piece in the puzzle on the team – but I must say that I lack that victory that puts the icing on the cake.”

Have you been disappointed by the season?

“For me personally, my spring was a defeat. The decision to do the Australian race in January turned out to be a bad one for me. The races and the trip Down Down were successful, but in terms of the World Cup and my start at the road season at home, it meant I was not ready. I’m still not sure what went wrong, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I’m not going to do. I’m probably the type that needs calm and rhythm to prepare optimally “.

How much and how do you train until next season from now on?

“I have a track World Cup race series in December as well as some individual competitions over the winter with the biggest focus on the World Championships in Poland at the end of February. I need to find a balance between riding a lot on the track when it comes to preparing the next year’s road race season. My winter consists of core training and a lot of road work. Together with Julie Leth and our national track coach, Mathias Møller Nielsen, I’m going to do several training camps over the winter to specially train under slightly more favorable weather conditions. “