Trine Schmidt extends contract with VIRTU Cycling Women

Team VIRTU Cycling Women and 30 year-old Trine Schmidt have extended the contract lasting now for another year. This moment, Schmidt is preparing for the upcoming World Cup race on the track in Berlin.

Sports director, Carmen Small says:

”Trine’s comeback to the sport has been an upward trajectory and we are very happy to have signed her for another season.  She brings a lot of life to the team with her positive attitude and high energy.  On the bike she has been a spectacular support rider for the team.  She is always giving everything for her teammates and helping deliver them to the line to get a result.  Although Trine’s main focus the next two years will be more towards the track she will still be a big part of the team and having a specific program to support her for the track.  She will remain an important piece of the team.” 

Trine Schmidt says:

”I am very happy about staying with VIRTU and it’s the only right choice for me. We have a great companionship, we are working very well together and there’s a good atmosphere. I really appreciate the fact that there’s room for me to focus on the track while I do my best for me teammates on the road. After a rather slow 2018 on the road for my part, I’m looking forward to getting more and better results in 2019”.