Trine Schmidt wins ABC-løbet on home turf

In today’s ABC-løbet on home turf, almost 30-year-old Trine Schmidt managed to pocket her first win in the 2018 season on the road.

The female riders were riding with the men´s field with about 50 riders and after a hectic start, Trine managed to make the cut in to the second group following them across the finish line and just over 4 minutes ahead of the Norwegian track specialist, Anita Stenberg (Thylander), who came in second.

Schmidt says:

“It´s always nice to compete on home ground. Especially on a beautiful Spring day in Denmark like this. And even though it´s one of the smaller races on the calendar, I really enjoy it”.

Next task for Trine Schmidt will be the World Cup race, Emakumen XXX-Bira in Basque Country.