Trine Schmidt World Championships 4th in Madison

Tonight, Team VIRTU Cycling Women’s Trine Schmidt participated in the Madison World Championships in Apeldoorn, Holland with colleague and compatriot, Amalie Dideriksen. The Brits controlled the battle on the wooden surface shadowed by the Dutch but on the very final laps, the Danes launched a cunning attack and won the final sprint and with these ten extra points, the Danish duo moved from fifth to fourth  place overall in the field of big track names.

Trine Schmidt says:

“Being this close to the podium, you can´t help but feeling disappointed. We aimed for the podium, made a few mistakes along the way but tried to fight our way back to contention for the medals. However, I feel we are working well together even though there’s room for improvement. Now, I’m looking forward to training for the Olympic Games in 2020. There’s much work to be done but after tonight, I’m highly motivated.”

This was Trine’s first World Championships in ten years.