Trine Schmidt’s blog: Hello from Down Under!

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The Women’s Tour Down Under is done and the first race kilometers is under the belt. It has been cool to ride with my new team, Team VIRTU Cycling Women for the first time. We have been riding in hills, longer climbs and fought in the cross winds, which there, to me quite surprisingly, has been a lot of! Tour of Qatar is nothing if you compare.

Result wise, we probably did not do quite as we had hoped, but a few top 10 finishes for our Norwegian sprinter Emilie Moberg we did manage. We hoped for more, but at the same time, we can only recognize that we are not in the same shape as the Australian riders. On the other hand, we got started, got wind on our nose and had a good time training and, not least, gained experience in how to help each other. It is easy to see that most of us are experienced riders who know what it means to ride like a team, but it is still an advantage to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses – 2018 is under way!

Personally, it has been a success to me to feel that the shape is on the right track. The legs have been good and I have been able to perform my given role on the team. I am never going to be a climber, but I have nevertheless been positively surprised by my shape in the relatively hard terrain. At the same time, I am a good a getting water and can screen the others from the wind – which also must be done. 🙂

Tour Down Under is a very popular and well-organized race. Especially the men’s teams enjoy flying in 1st class and staying at great hotels. The women, on the other hand, fly over here on their own and live in a dormitory with shared bath and canteen. It’s fine though and I’m not going to be a bellyacher – but there is still a long way to go for the development of women’s cycling on several fronts. Having said that, the race is still very well organized, and it is awesome that the women have a race with UCI status in Australia again. That’s positive!

In the coming week we will be in Adelaide – not to follow the men’s race, but to use the “wait” as a training camp. It will be good to train with the team and take advantage of the summer temperatures in the best possible way. Next task will be in Geelong 23rd-25th of ​​January where we participate in the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Race. Geelong hosted the World Championship back in 2010, where Matti Breschel managed to take a nice silver medal. At that time – back in 2010, not a single Danish female rider had been selected to the World Championship – it’s something else today where there is a fight for the spots. A great development.

Anyways, while riding around the other side of the earth, it has been announced that I’m participating in Copenhagen’s 6-day race in early February together with Julie Leth. To participate in 2017 was great fun and I’m looking forward to show myself again in Ballerup. Unfortunately, this year I can only participate on the third and last day of the Ladies Cup, because I only land in Kastrup right before the start of the race. This year it has been decided to finish the Ladies Cup with a UCI-madison race which I would like to participate in. The fact that I am riding with number 7 on the back makes it all the more fun – even though I know that we hardly get to be the main attraction. Julie has expressed concern as to whether she can keep me awake when she gives me the boost. Julie, I promise that I can. However, I may be a little groggy. Nevertheless, I will do my best and I hope that we can bring a top spot home. It will be fun to fight in front of a home crowd!

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