Two medals and a 6th place in the Danish nationals

Two medals and a 6th place in the Danish nationals

Hereby an update on the last week of national championships which both included a gold and a bronze medal for Team Virtu Cycling while Michael Carbel brought home a 6th place for Team Waoo.

Last week, four national champions had to be found as the Danish cycling elite competed for the gold medals in both time trial and road race. Placed in the western part of Jutland, it was a battle that favored the cross-wind specialists and powerful finishers.

The men at Team Waoo ended the week without a placement in the absolute top. On the time trial Silas Clemmensen brought home a 15th place as the best placed rider of the team, whereas the ambitions were much higher for the road race on Sunday.

Team Waoo did a strong race with Jesper Schultz in the long break, whereas the team afterwards took the race in their hands and kept the peloton together to help Michael Carbel in a good position for the sprint. Carbel took a nice 6th place in a difficult finish among a select group of riders.

On the women’s side it turned out to become a great week of national championships as the team’s young talent Louise Norman Hansen took the gold medal on the time trial on Thursday!

The road race ended in a sprint among seven of the strongest riders. Here Amalie Didriksen proved strongest second year in a row, while Christina Siggaard took an impressive 3rd place.

Thereby an absolutely great week of racing for Team Virtu Cycling, who though have to spend the rest of the season looking for a new team as Virtu Cycling had to announce the closure of the team by the end of the season.

Bjarne Riis of course expressed his disappointment with the decision: “We are really sad about this decision. Especially because we during the past years have created a really strong team who also this season has delivered incredible results and competed with the best in the world. But without the necessary partners and sponsors it is not realistic for us to continue our engagement in women’s cycling and we also believe that this is the right decision, even though it was not what we had hoped for.”