VIRTU Cycling Women finish 9th in Tour of Norway TTT

This evening, Tour of Norway was kicked off with a 24.3 kilometer long team time trial where the Danish World Tour squad finished 9th among 20 teams.

A route of 24.3 kilometers and 185 meters of elevation was on the menu and with almost all of the climbing meters located in the final kilometers, it became a tough finish after more than 20 relatively flat initial kilometers. Team VIRTU Cycling Women cut through the course in 32.36, which resulted in an average speed of 45 kilometers per hour.

The result was ninth and as expected, Team Sunweb conquered the victory and Scott-Mitchelton took silver. Tour of Norway runs over 4 stages and ends on Sunday. The Danish team’s line-up is: Christina Siggaard, Louise Norman Hansen, Sara Penton, Emilie Moberg, Mieke Kröger and Katrine Aalerud.

Louise Norman Hansen states:

“Even though it looks quite flat on the map, it felt like it was up and down the entire course but however, rather technically fairly easy. There was a downhill shortly before the final climb and we somehow got away from each other creating gaps, which set us back a little bit. Other than that I was feeling strong and we’re looking forward to the next stages in various terrain.”