It is not enough for Team Virtu Cycling and Team Waoo just to have diamonds in the legs, great teamwork and a good tactic when racing all over the world. Without the support of all our partners and sponsors, there would not be any teams and we would not be able to show our colors all over Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world.

We are deeply grateful that our partners and sponsors have chosen to support Denmark’s only World Tour women’s team and one of the best continental development teams in the world. It means that we can continue to achieve great results both in national and international races, develop talented Danish riders and help Danish cycling and international women’s cycling grow.

Our partners and sponsors are not only just names on our clothing, website and cars, they are the foundation of the teams’ succes when the riders make their way on to the podium, and along with the Virtu Business Club network, they allow Team VIRTU Cycling and Team Waoo to chase the dream of achieving great results.