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Katrine Aalerud

Just a few years ago the name Katrine Aalerud was not one you would find in cycling. The young Norwegian spent most of her time in the stables riding horses and competing in horse jumping. She had never ridden a race bike – in fact she didn’t even quite know what Tour de France was.

For 15 years she rode her horse, but the motivation fell when she didn’t feel she made any progress. Katrine Aalerud quit and going from hard exercise multiple times a day, she needed a new sport to turn her attention to. She tried cycling.

Everything clicked. The then 18-year old Norwegian rider started her life as a bike rider and it only took her a few years before she entered the highest level in the world. In 2017 she rode her first season on UCI-level participating and competing against the best in the world in the biggest races.

Now 23 years old she looks to improve even more. She favors the mountains and the climbs, and she can handle the pain and the suffering that it takes. She wants to be the best, she is ready to suffer for it, because she knows that everyone else if suffering even more than her.

All the hard work and the many hours on the bike are not that hard, when you are enjoying what you are doing. Katrine Aalerud loves the cycling lifestyle. When she wakes up every morning she is exited to go training – if she must rest she is exited for next day’s training.

She loves to exercise, she loves being social with people on the bike and she loves cycling. Katrine Aalerud knows what Tour de France is now, and soon cycling will also know who Katrine Aalerud is.


“You know the feeling when you find something you love. I don’t have an explanation for it, I just feel that this is the right thing for me.”


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Katrine Aalerud                                                   Norwegian                                                                     Climber