Mieke Kröger

Name: Mieke Kröger

Nickname: Hari/ Monster/ Mie

Date of birth: 18.07.1993

Nationality: German

Hobbies: Creative stuff, music, daydreaming, podcasts, working in a workshop.

Role on the team: Rouleur, TT, singer – one of those three roles is not my strength though.

Favorite movie: Bohemian Rhapsody (because you can sing along at least half the movie).

Bucket list: Cycling around the world, visiting Wintergatan concert, visiting many other concerts ;), sewing my own cycling gear, ooh and a lot more!

Favorite music before racing: Energyloaded music of any kind. (Queen, Michael Jackson, German hip hop, Romano, Bishop Briggs, Rage against the machine, to mention a few).

Favorite food and drink: Pasta and Banana Juice.