Rachel Neylan

Name: Rachel Neylan
Nickname: Rach / Rachie
Date of birth: 9/3/1982
Nationality: Australian
Hobbies: Reading & podcasts, yoga, hiking, cooking for friends
Role on the team: Climber
Favorite movie: The Man from Snowy River ……..
Bucket list: Endurance horse trail ride a week through the Snowy Mountains, Write a book, Ultra Trail du
Mont Blanc, Create my own organic veggie garden (one day!)…… my list is long!
Favorite music before racing: Eclectic taste from Tiesto or Avici to Smashing Pumpkins to Ludovico Einaudi, anything with emotion and positive energy!
Favorite food and drink: Japanese, banana smoothie not together of course ;)…… (or an aged pecorino and red wine in the off season!)