Jesper Schultz

Cycling was just one of three disciplines to begin with for Jesper Schultz but in the water he was as good as a shark without fins. He quit swimming and only focused on duathlon and as a teenager he managed to win the Danish Championship, but the bike caught most of his attention.

The 21-year-old rider knows that there will be more failures than successes and the secondary results will always be plenty-full compared to the victories. But when everything adds up to get that big result, it gives a rush and a feeling, that is completely indescribable for Jesper Schultz.

Cycling is tough from the beginning to the very end. There isn’t time to lie down on the tarmac with a cramp, as footballers can during a match – then the race is over. It’s the thought of the rush, that compels him to continue despite of cramps It´s that thought, that makes him train on cold and wet Danish country roads and that thought in which his goals end.

”Cycling is a very tough sport because nothing comes to you for free. Nutrition, training, and rest is so important, and that makes cycling great, because if you make those three things add up it makes everything else much easier.”

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