Rasmus Guldhammer

Chain oil is running in Rasmus Guldhammer´s veins. His older brother, Thomas, raced on continental level for multiple years and in 1989, his father Michael Guldhammer even managed to win the Danish national road race championship. Rasmus Guldhammer has won both the junior and U23 danish road race championship but the elite gold is yet to come.

The 28-year-old rider from Vejle has been among the best Danish riders for several years and cycling also holds a special place with him. When he was 8, he raced is first local race and cycling grew on him. The companionship with both team mates and competitors made all races fun and afterwards he was able to admire the best Danish riders from Team AcceptCard, Team Fakta and Chicky World.

To be a professional bike rider became a childhood dream for Rasmus Guldhammer. He has already tried himself out as a pro and he has a taste for more. It is still what motivates him to push himself to be stronger and stronger year after year.

Cycling still gives him that kick as it has done since the very first race. He meets people and make friendships across borders and when he crosses the finish line first, it continues to give a rush bigger than anything else.

“As long as I have the world best office by being in nature and seeing new things every day I won’t change it for anything. I enjoy riding my bike in both snow and sun – it both holds its own charm.”

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