Christina Siggaard continues at Team Virtu Cycling

The 23-year old Dane Christina Siggaard will once again put on the Team Virtu Cycling kit, as she has renewed her contract for 2018.

When the 2018 season starts Christina Siggaard continues to be a part of Team Virtu Cycling. The 23-year-old rider and Team Virtu Cycling has renewed her contract and Christina Siggaard hopes, that she can add another level after her first year on the World Tour, where she gained a lot of experience.

“The team is where I can develop myself best as a rider and where there is a lot of faith in me, my skills as a rider and my potential. I’m looking forward to raising my level as a rider and hopefully achieve some good results – both for myself and for the team. New riders are joining the team and it is important to have a good cooperation with them too,” Christina Siggaard says.

Team Virtu Cycling adds riders with a fast finish like Emilie Moberg, Barbara Guarischi and Kasia Pawlowska, and Christina Siggaard is happy that the pressure in the sprint is being spread out to multiple riders.

“The sprint has almost been for me every time, even though I didn’t have a good day. Now we will have some sprinters where we can support each other, and that makes a huge difference, as the responsibility isn’t always on one person. And then we can help each other – I can be a part of the success by helping them to a top spot,” Christina Siggaard says.

Sports director Carmen Small is thrilled to have Christina Siggaard in the team for another year, as the young rider is a very important part of Team Virtu Cycling.

“’Chris’ is an extremely important part of the team both on and off the bike. She is a young rider, but she still has raced with a lot of responsibility on her shoulders this season and also supported her teammates when the profile didn’t suit her. That is pure class,” Carmen Small says. She believes that Christina Siggaard will benefit a lot from, that other riders can go for the sprint too.

“In 2018 she has the opportunity to learn from some more experienced riders meanwhile she still has something to give as well. With more riders for the sprint she can relax more and I think that can make ‘Chris’ even better as she now can focus more on her own goals,” Carmen Small says.

Christina Siggaard has renewed her contract by 1 year with Team Virtu Cycling.

Photo: Dan Eugen Photography