Claudia Koster renews her contract with Team Virtu Cycling

25-year-old Dutch rider Claudia Koster stays with Team Virtu Cycling 2018 as she has signed a new 1-year deal with the Danish team.

In 2017 Claudia Koster completed her first year on the World Tour with Team Virtu Cycling and showed her potential in the end of the season where she earned her first World Tour points. In 2018 she will aim to score even more points for Team Virtu Cycling as she has renewed her contract.

“It has been a great year. I did a lot of World Tour-races with some cool girls and a professional atmosphere in the team. It has been fantastic. For the same reasons I have decided to stay. We are also racing some good races and that is important for us riders,” Claudia Koster says.

She has been riding in a domestique role for many of the races, but when she got the chance she has pulled of some impressive results for a new rider to the World Tour.

“Normally I was riding for other girls in the team, but when I got the chance I did everything that I could to take some point, and that was fantastic. When I went on the podium on the first road stage in the Giro that was also really cool,” she says and she hopes to have more success in 2018.

“To take more top ten would be nice, but the main goal is to get better and better and help the team as much as possible. I really like the classics, I like the cobblestones, the bad weather and the hard races, so that will definitely be my focus too,” Claudia Koster says.

In the spring Claudia Koster graduated as an occupational therapist and since then she has had even more focus on her training, which has showed off in the races, where she has become better and better. And sports director at Tea Virtu Cycling Carmen Small is excited to have her in the team for 2018 and see how much potential the young rider holds.

“Claudia has really impressed me throughout the year. She has been riding strong and showed she has a lot of power. She has the ability to do well both in hilly terrain, sprints and ITT’s so there is still potential to unlock. She will be very valuable for our team, and she knows how to take advantages of the chances she will get in 2018,” Carmen Small says.

Claudia Koster has signed a 1-year-deal with Team Virtu Cycling.