In rain, wind and snow

Being a bike rider in the northern hemisphere in the winter is not always easy. The flat roads of Denmark are wet, the wind blows merciless and the temperature can be freezing – but on the roads, you’ll see Louise Norman Hansen doing her winter intervals.

When the rain is bashing on the windows and temperature is closer to 0 than to summers pleasant 20 degrees, the rollers can be tempting for any bike rider. But for Team Virtu Cycling’s Louise Norman Hansen, the rollers are not an option. The Danish roads calls for the young rider as she isn’t a fan of sitting indoors.

“Yeah I don’t really care for it. I just think times pass to slow, and I would rather be out on the road. I like to be outside and get some fresh air,” Louise Norman Hansen says and is not shy on letting out some few tips for the winter training on the road.

“You take all your winter clothes, put it on and the you just go,” she jokes. “No, it is really about how you mentally prepare for it. If you already think about coming home before you head out, then you won’t make it as far as you should. I know how my training plan is, so the day before I plan a route and then it is just about getting a move on,” she says.

Her training riders during the week she usually does alone. They are 2-3-hour rides with some longer medium intervals to slowly build up the shape. In the weekends she goes with the local club, both to get some longer rides but also the have a little chat.

“It is a lot of hours if you just go by yourself, so it is nice to be a little social sometimes. We are actually quite a lot, so we have to split up in two groups so the cars can overtake us. Unless it is raining, then there isn’t always that many. However, I usually show up,” she laughs.

Even the though the rain and wind makes it cold to be a bike rider in Denmark in the winter, Louise Norman Hansen he loves to train. She follows her training program down to the last interval, and in the end she hopes it can work to her advantage.

“I think I’m a little bit of a perfectionist. I’m not happy with myself, unless I’ve done it right. To be out in that kind of weather I think gives some kind of strength because you get used to it. To be out in 10 m/s and headwind for half of the day makes you a bit hard core” she says.