Mieke Kröger signs with Team Virtu Cycling

The former German champion and double U23 European champion in time trial Mieke Kröger will ride for Team Virtu Cycling in 2018.

For many years, German Mieke Kröger has been among the greatest talents in women’s cycling. In 2018, she takes her talents to Team Virtu Cycling. Especially on the ITT the 24-year-old rider has already shown off her skills, but she hopes to develop even more as a rider at Team Virtu Cycling.

“I want to improve in the road races, so I don’t rely so much on my ITT skills. I still want to do well and take part in the ITT and the TTT for sure. I’m looking forward to next year’s world too, but I have to wait for the courses – that is a big goal for me,” Mieke Kröger says.

At Team Virtu Cycling, she gets the opportunity to become part of a strong team where there is a strong focus on riding as a team, and where the fight against the clock is a high priority.

“I had a few options, but in the end I chose Team Virtu Cycling because of the riders on the team, and when I talked to Carmen, it sounded promising for next year. And also, the focus on the TTT and ITT is obviously also important to me,” Mieke Kröger says.

However, she also hopes to develop personally and step up when she feels she has a chance to win.

“Personally, I have always been a bit more silent. I’m not the person that says: Today is my day – I want to win it. That is something I need to improve even though it’s gong be hard for me. I do have it in me, but I just don’t say it out loud enough,” Mieke Kröger says.

As a U23 rider, she won the European Championship in time trial twice and in addition, she is also a former German champion in both the road and ITT and she was a part of the team, that won the World Championship in TTT in 2015.

Sports director Carmen Small is also looking forward to having the 24-year-old rider on the team and helping her develop her potential even more.

“Mieke has all the physical abilities to become one of the absolute best time trial riders in the world. She is still young and can improve herself in many ways, and if we can help her with it, she can also become a power factor in the road races. Her potential is huge,” Carmen Small says.

Mieke Kröger and Team Virtu Cycling has signed a one-year deal.

Photo:  Mani Wollner