Swedish champion Sara Penton renews her contract with Team Virtu Cycling

Team Virtu Cycling’s blue kit will in 2018 continue to have a lot of yellow in it as the Swedish champion Sara Penton has renewed her contract.

The 28-year old Swedish road race champion Sara Penton continues in Team Virtu Cycling in 2018, as she has renewed her contract with the Danish World Tour-team. And even though it has been a hard year on a high level, she looks forward to more experiences in 2018.

“It’s been long and tough year but also fun and exciting. This year has been on the highest level with the best riders in the world and of course it takes a toll on both body and mind, but is has been so amazing to travel around the world being a part of the World Tour. I am tired now, but it has been a good year, and I really enjoyed it,” Sara Penton says.

In 2017 she took a big step up, and she believes that Team Virtu Cycling can make her even better in 2018.

“It is just a really good place to be in. I feel happy, safe and relaxed around the team. We have a really good atmosphere, and I feel it’s a place where I can grow. I feel I have had the help I needed this year to develop step by step and in this environment, I can take another step in the future,” she says and she hopes she soon can make it to the podium or help her teammates up there.

”I’ve been in the leadout-role for a lot of races and I like it and I want to do it even better. I want to be able to put someone on that podium, it’s an amazing feeling. I like the role as domestique but if I could find a race that suits me and plan it in the calendar, so I could be at my best and get the help from the team that would be great. To have an international podium would be amazing,” she says.

Sara Penton has been a vital part of Team Virtu Cycling in 2017, and sports director Carmen Small expects her to be even more important in 2018.

“Sara has had a breakout year, with winning her Nationals Championships as being the pinnacle of the season for her. She is a great athlete and will become even a better cyclist as she progresses through the year.  I hope to help her reach another level next season, she still has a lot to learn. The good thing with Sara is that she is hungry to learn and improve herself.  She is great to have on the team, she adds to a great team environment and will always turn herself inside out for her teammates. That’s not something you can teach, we are lucky to have her.” Carmen Small says.

Sara Penton has renewed her contract with Team Virtu Cycling for 1 year.