Team Virtu Cycling aims for a good result at the World Championship TTT

For the first time, Team Virtu Cycling will participate in the World Championship TTT, where they set of on a 42.5-kilometer-long course Sunday and the team believes they can make a good result.

When Team Virtu Cycling did the TTT in Crescent Vårgårda TTT, it ended out with a good 6th place, which was a clear improvement from the previous TTT. At the World Championship in TTT in Bergen, the team believes that they can make yet another good result.

With 42.5 kilometers, the distance is very similar to the course in Vårgårda that was raced in August, and it gives hopes to Team Virtu Cycling.

“Of course, it is hard to predict, but the route is very similar to Vårgårda, but towards the end there is a big climb. The riders will be in at a different fitness level now, but I think that a good result for us will be similar to Vårgårda, so around 6th,” DS Carmen Small says.

It is the climb Birkelundsbakken that sets the two courses apart, and it can be very crucial to who wins the race. The three-kilometer-long climb comes after 30 kilometers and has an averaged of 6 percent – but it also has sections of 16 percent.

“It is very important that we get to the climb with at least five riders, so it is possible to save one for after the climb. It’s hard to predict now, it will be easier when we get there and practice on the course,” Carmen Small says.

Ahead of the TTT in Vårgårda, the riders had improved significantly since Giro Rosa, but the team is still young so it is important to have a good experience in Bergen.

“The team is still young and we have not had so much focus on the TTT this year, it’s only here at the end of the season that we have trained it. We have already taken a big step and we will continue to move forward,” Carmen Small says.

The team has spent the last couple of days in Denmark improving the technique and for the riders to get to know each other even better when riding the TTT. Hopefully they can learn from it to next year and also and more important end the season in a good way.

“We want a good ending to the season and start focusing on next year. There is not much we can do about our fitness now, so we have focused on the technique. But we come in with a good attitude, and ending with a good result is important to us. ”

The 42.5-kilometer-long TTT goes from Ravnanger to Bergen and will be ridden on Sunday, September 17th.

Team Virtu Cycling to the World Championships in TTT:

Linda Villumsen, Amber Neben, Christina Siggaard, Pernille Mathiesen, Claudia Koster and Sara Penton.

Photo: Dan Eugen Photography