Team Virtu Cycling prolongs with Doris Schweizer

Doris Schweizer will stay on Team Virtu Cycling in 2018, and the Swiss rider hopes to bounce back after a season with illness and injuries.

Team Virtu Cycling has prolonged the contract of Doris Schweizer for 2018, and the Swiss rider looks to get back to level after a season ruined by injuries and illness. The strong climber and ITT-rider has learned from this season’s mistakes and is now focusing on the right recovery, so the same scenario won’t happen again.

“I have to control myself, I got into overtraining because I didn’t rest properly. I have really learnt, that when I train – I train, but when I don’t I really have to rest well. I control it much more now, and my coach is really strict with me,” Doris Schweizer says.

After several months of recovering and less training she is now back to normal, and she looks forward to the next season and her second year at Team Virtu Cycling.

“A lot of things went bad this year, but it was not because of the team or that I didn’t try hard. With the girls and Carmen, I have a really good feeling, and I think it is best not to change my environment again, because it would be too stressful, and I am already happy in the team,” she says.

Doris Schweizer still aims to perform in some of cycling’s biggest races, but she approaches 2018 different from what 2017 has taught her.

“It is still difficult to say, when I will be at a 100 percent because I still have to be careful, but the goals are still Giro Rosa and the hilly races. But what I’ve learnt too, is that I shouldn’t necessary put a result to those goals I just want to be at my best and see what it can bring. In 2018 we also have a really strong team and I also really want to help the other riders,” the 28-year old rider says.

Sports director Carmen Small believes that Doris Schweizer can come back to her old level, but she knows how important the right recovery is.

“Doris had her season ruined because of illness and injuries, but she is a fighter and she knows what needed to be changed. Even though it can be really hard, she needs to take small steps and be patient, but then I’m sure we eventually will see her coming back to full strength,” Carmen Small says.

“When she is at her best she is phenomenal on the big climbs and also on the ITT’s, but first of all we must help her find her way back to her old level and the peloton. She can be very important for the team, but it is a step by step progress to start with,” Carmen Small says.

Team Virtu Cycling has prolonged Doris Schweizer’s contract with 1 year.

Photo: Dan Eugen Photography