Team Virtu Cycling renews contract with Louise Norman Hansen for 2018

The only 22-year old bronze medalist at the Danish national ITT championships Louise Norman Hansen will put on the blue kit of Team Virtu Cycling again in 2018 as she has prolonged her contract for another year.

Louise Norman Hansen will also ride for Team Virtu Cycling in 2018. The young Dane has prolonged her contract with 1 year as she feels home on the team.

“I really like being here. I like the people in the team and I know a lot of the riders, so it feels very safe for me to be here,” Louise Norman Hansen says.

The young rider was riding well during summer, men she was 3rd at the Danish ITT nationals and completed a hard Giro Rosa before a bad crash in Ladies Tour of Norway put a too sudden end to her season. However, she is happy about how much she achieved during the season.

“It has been a little up and down, but in the end, I have a feeling, that I am happy with what I have achieved. I have come further, than what I had thought. The goals I had before the season I have achieved, and I am happy about that,” she says and she hopes to continue in that direction in 2018.

“I will certainly try to improve my ITT, and in general I would also like to improve my road race. I hope to add another level to myself and then I also just want to have some good experiences and do a lot of races. I don’t have any goals yet, but I have a few ideas. It could be great to win the ITT-title at the nationals,” Louise Norman Hansen says.

Sports director Carmen Small also thinks Louise Norman Hansen has the potential to raise her level in 2018, and she is thrilled that the 22-year-old rider is staying at Team Virtu Cycling.

”Louise really stepped up during summer. First, she took bronze at the ITT nationals and afterwards she was strong in a really tough Giro Rosa. Had it not been for her crash at Ladies Tour of Norway we had seen even more good stuff from her,” Carmen Small says, and she believes the young rider can add another level next season.

“She loves to train, and that is one of the most important ingrediencies to becoming a good rider. She has already shown she can do a good ITT, and with the right guidance she has the potential to make it even further in 2018,” she says.

Louise Norman Hansen has prolonged her contract with Team Virtu Cycling for 1 year.