Virtu Cycling Group enters into a partnership with Storck Bicycle

The German manufacturer of high-end bikes, Storck, has entered into an agreement with Virtu Cycling Group to become a corporate partner for the group.

For the next two seasons, Virtu Cycling Group will have two cycling teams, a continental team and a World Tour team for women, riding on bikes made by Storck.
The German high-end bikes will also become an official partner for Virtu Business Club and a permanent fixture in the group’s many cycling events.

The two parties recently agreed on the innovative partnership, where the strong value match between Storck and Virtu Cycling Group will blossom over the next two years.

“I’ve known the brand for some years now, but it’s only recently that I had the opportunity to sit on a Storck bike myself, and I was very impressed. The frames are extremely light, but at the same time also rigid and stiff. The engineering work and design are first class, and the result is a truly superb high-end bike. So the quality, no-compromise and professionalism that are the foundation of our group also characterises Storck, and therefore our partnership really makes sense,” says Bjarne Riis, co-owner of Virtu Cycling Group.

“It is not just a case of a classic sponsorship of our two cycling teams, but a partnership where we can bring Storck into play to a high degree throughout the group and to many people through our network, our Business Club and via many events,” continues Bjarne Riis.

As a bicycle brand, Storck Bicycles has existed since 1995, when German Markus Storck founded the company. Since then he has been behind some of the world’s lightest carbon frames and his designs have won numerous awards, just as he is known for high-profile collaborations with brands such as McLaren, Aston Martin, Porsche and IWC.
Focus has always been on innovation and uncompromising quality, which is what also led to the collaboration with Virtu Cycling Group.

“We believe that Bjarne Riis and the philosophy behind Virtu Cycling Group fits perfectly with Storck. Therefore, it took us a relatively short time to reach consensus on an exciting agreement after our first meeting. We want to raise awareness of Storck in Denmark, in Scandinavia and in the world, and reach many more people with our story and amazing bikes. It’s also in our DNA that we always focus on innovation and to further develop and optimise, and with feedback from Bjarne Riis and his riders, it makes the collaboration very, very interesting for us at all levels,” says founder Markus Storck.

The collaboration will initially be for 2018 and 2019.

About Storck Bicycles:
Storck Bicycles is a German manufacturer of quality bikes and the range includes road bikes, mountain bikes, cross bikes, trekking bikes and pedelecs at the highest level. The company was founded in 1995 by Markus Storck, a German innovator and designer who has an uncompromising focus on design, innovation, technology and ground-breaking materials. Storck is sold in Scandinavia through Storck Scandinavia, an agency based in the Meat Packing District of Copenhagen. More information:

Virtu Cycling Group:
Virtu Cycling Group (VCG) is a family of cycling lifestyle brands and companies. The portfolio counts the biggest cycling network in Denmark, Virtu Business Club, a travel agency, Virtu Travel, the virtual coaching platform Virtu Go, a clothing and gear company Virtu Cycling Gear, the indoor bike Virtu Pro and the Tuscan hotel Villa Pacini (Virtu Villas). On top of this VGC owns and runs a Women World Tour team and a continental team. The aim is to also establish a World Tour men’s team, and through this attachment to pro cycling create unique cycling experiences, that improves the physical, the mental and the social wellbeing of people. Former Tour de France winner Bjarne Riis is part of the owner group together with Danish businessmen Lars Seier Christensen and Jan Bech Andersen. For more information: