VIRTU Cycling Women’s Emilie Moberg abandons Tour of Norway

Today’s 127 kilometer long stage of the Tour of Norway between Rakkestad and Mysen was characterized by a large number of breakaway attempts with among others VIRTU Cycling Women in action but it all ended in a sprint where the experienced Marianne Vos took the victory. Unfortunately, the Danish squad lost the Norwegian rider, Emilie Moberg, along the way.

VIRTU Cycling Women’s Norwegian Katrine Aalerud launched a solid attack in the middle of the stage with an attempt to break clear but a very nervous field but however minimized field would not let anyone get away. However, Karol-Ann Canuel came close to cheating the otherwise fast-acting, yet decimated field, but with a successful effort by the sprinters, they managed to retrieve the Boels Dolman rider before the nail-bitingly intense finale.

No one was able to threaten Marianne Vos and she took the stage victory. Behind them, VIRTU Cycling Women struggled to get to the front group.

DS, Carmen Small says:

“The whole stage went up and down in the undulating landscape without any real long and steep climbs, but it slowly wears you down. As the final selection was made, we were not in the front group and of course we can not be content with that situation. I hope we are more aware and able to take action sooner tomorrow, where a similar stage is expected. Unfortunately,  Emilie (Moberg) abandoned the race as she is still suffering from a headache after the crash in London earlier this month.”