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Louise Norman Hansen

In the home of Louise Norman Hansen, there has always hung a bike on the wall – in case she ever had the urge to go for a ride. For many years she hadn’t, even though cycling was a big part of her life as her older brother Lasse Norman Hansen is a Olympic gold medalist in omnium and pro rider on Aqua Blue Sport. Instead she spent most of her time with her horse, but just three years ago she wanted to try something new.

To start with she tied the shoelaces on her running shoes, but the shoelaces was soon switched out with cleats. The bike got off the wall, and since then it hasn’t gone back op. Louise Norman Hansen was struck, and even though she only rode and competed for the fun of it in the beginning, then it soon became clear, that the talent runs deep in the Norman Hansen family.

The year after she became a part of the Danish UCI-team BMS Birn – she struggled, but Louise Norman Hansen does not break easily and when the team promoted to the World Tour the year after, she followed. In her first season in the World Tour and her third in total she finished Giro Rosa and was 3rd at the Danish ITT nationals and she has the taste for more.

In very few years she has taken an enormous leap and she continues to challenge herself to the edge to see what she is capable off. Bad days becomes good days on the bike and whether Denmark offers sun, rain or wind the training schedule is followed.

Louise Norman Hansen starts her 4th season as a bike rider and even though she will face huge challenges, she continues to do as she has done the past three seasons – she takes the jump.


“I can see that I’m improving, I see that I’m getting better – that motivates me a lot. It makes me want to improve even more.”


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